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Czarna Polana (Black Meadow) is a place where different art forms meet and collaborate to create works inspired by nature and human spirit. Inspiration and starting point for every edition of Czarna Polana is the relationship between man and nature. Second edition of this Żubrówka Czarna art project is all about technology, social media and innovations...


Can we still find time to enjoy nature in the sheer volume of technology? Or to enjoy direct contact with another person? 
Are this doors still open to us? To tell this story we collaborated with 3 great artists: 
Tomek Baginski (Oscar-nominated director), Muniek Staszczyk (legendary rockman) and Michał Łojewski (creator of famously known fashion brand UEG).


Każdy z nas ma swoją naturę.
I jest też natura, którą ma każdy z nas.

Each of us has its own nature.

And there is also the nature that each of us has.

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Social Media Assets

Social Media Assets

Michał Łojewski has prepared a limited UEG collection inspired by nature. Its design refers to the structure of oak wood, which Żubrówka Czarna vodka is filtered with. The fissures in coal symbolize the water flowing through the Bialowieza Forest (where Żubrówka comes from) and the wheat spirit added to it during the production process. These 3 elements (oak wood, water and what spirit) create the mild nature of Żubrówka Czarna - super premium polish wódka.

To have people interact more with our campaign, we've delivered consumer activation on FB Messenger, using specially designed chatbot. Users could win UEG clothes and premium Żubrówka Czarna tasting sets. Their task was to pick artist that could appear on the next year's "Czarna Polana" art project.

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Client: Żubrówka Czarna, CEDC International

Creative Idea: Feeders Agency, 2012 Agency

Production: Dobro
Post-production: Platige Image

Creative Producer & Scriptwriting: Tomek Bagiński

Director: Tomek Suwalski

DOP: Józefina Gocman

Set Design: Najs

Music Composition: Albo Inaczej

Composer: Mariusz Obijalski

Vocal: Muniek Staszczyk

Producer: Witek Michalak
Recording: Black Kiss Records

Original Song: donGURALesko "Co to za miejsce"
Fashion: Michał Łojewski, UEG

Music & Video Distribution: Alkopoligamia

Learn more: www.czarnapolana.pl

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