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Right before the Valentines Day we've launched a 360 campaign promoting Durex Intense products (condoms and stimulant gel). Our main idea was to show how "regular" love situations can turn into more intense experiences thanks to Durex Intense. 

Durex Intense TVC

Beside shooting the main film, on set we did a photoshoot with Daniel Jaroszek, which resulted in the creation of 2 Key Visuals for the campaign - with our main heroes and product packshots.

As Feeders we are feeding every brand with as much content for social media and digital as possible. For the purpose
of Durex Intense flight we have created
square videos for Facebook, Youtube bumpers and Instagram stories. Overall more than 50 assets ran during the whole campaign - every one of them was captured during the main shoot for TVC.



Consumer Activation: it's hard to find a free table for romantic dinner during Valentines. That's why we've partnered with Fine Dinning Week and gave consumers a chance to win Intense Dinners at the finest Warsaw restaurants. All you had to do
is to answer a simple question and you could enjoy Intense Menu with ingredients and meals that arouse lust.


Client: Durex, Reckitt Benckiser
Campaign Idea: Feeders Agency
Client Service & Strategy: 2012 Agency

Production: Papaya Films
Post-production: Televisor

Sound: ZTUDIO & Burza

Director: Julia Rogowska

DOP: Kajetan Plis

Photoshoot: Daniel Jaroszek

Scenography: Karolina Rączka

Costumes: Sandra Kowalska

Making of: https://youtu.be/JyHasRx2b2k

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