Durex x The Dumplings

360 Summer Campaign / Music Video / Content Production / Consumer Activation 

During our summer campaign for Durex we wanted to show completely new positioning of the brand and its approach to sex. That's why we decided to team up with The Dumplings - popular electropop duo from Poland - and create a song about summer sex and enjoyment that comes with it (especially when using Durex products). All actors in the video are real-life couples. That's why their intimacy and emotions feel so close. 

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When the song and music video become popular we started the trade part of the campaign: consumer activation.
Everyone could participate in it by writing to Durex's FB messenger BOT that we created. The task was to answer a simple question:
Which song to you connects with hot summer love and why? Participants could win tickets for summer festivals and music gadgets.

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Client: Durex, Reckitt Benckiser
Strategy & Campaign Idea: Feeders Agency
Client Service: 2012 Agency

Production: Papaya Films
Post-production: Badi Badi

Sound: Głośno

Director: Daniel Jaroszek

DOP: Kuba Burakiewicz

Photoshoot: Grzegorz Pastuszak

Set Design: Jan Deluga, Kuba Darda

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