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Brand Identity / Naming / Design / Webpage

Polish company NTB S.A. created an innovative product - building block with integrated insulation core. It means that when you build a house using those blocks, you don't need an additional acoustic or thermal isolation for the walls. Just build it, and live in it. Our goal was to convert this product into a brand. 


Vesta (Latin pronunciation: [ˈwɛsta]) is the virgin goddess
of the hearthhome, and family in Roman religion. She represents the "warmth of home" and that made her the perfect "brand hero" for our blocks.

Logo & Brand ID

Inspiration for logo and brand identification came from classic Roman & Italian design. We wanted Westa brand to feel fresh but at the same time kinda "classic" and everlasting, like the blocks themselves. 


Static posts

Campaigns behind the names

Imagination Day 9

& Storytel

Storytel was the main sponsor of Imagination Day 9. As a platform for audio stories (audio books, podcasts, original audio series etc.) they wanted to connect their brand with conference and creativity as naturally, as possible. First thing we did together was podcast series called Imagination Roars. The whole concept was based on Interviews with the most creative people form different areas of the marketing industry, lead by Maciej Sawicki, who was also the host of IDay9. 

Lion's share of story

How to combine Storytel and Imagination Day on one wall? By creating a link between Cannes lion and lions known from popular book titles (that can be heard on Storytel). Mural was painted in the Warsaw City Centre, 300m away from the conference. For full month its goal was to promote IDay9 and Storytel by giving people artistic value instead of just direct advertising. 

SOLD OUT Conference

800 tickets sold days before the start. Take a look at photos from Imagination Day 9 - especially at our cake baked  
to celebrate the 1st Birthday of Feeders Agency :)


Client: Stowarzyszenie Agencji Reklamowych SAR
Brand: Imagination Day 9: conference and Cannes Lions showcase
Communiation Strategy & Idea: Feeders Agency

Lion and KV Render: Ars Thanea
Mural Production: Good Looking Studio

Illustrators: Kamil Lach, Michał Loba, Kasia Zawadzka, Dorota Liwacz, Joanna Wojnikło

Imagination Day Coordinators: Kornelia Mielczarek, Matylda Kirstein

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