OFF Festival

Social Media / Content Production / WWW Maintence

In Feeders we all love music. That's why we were more than happy when in the beginning of 2019 we were asked to be responsible for OFF Festival social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. We started our work by creating video posts with use of fragments of artist's music videos and by writting a trivia about each artist while presenting them to the OFF's demanding audience. Each post or InstaStory that we created has to be eyecatching and communicate that OFF is a cool festival focused on great, alternative music selection.

Series of artists presentation and important festival announcements

Made in real-time from concerts and with postconcerts artists interviews

Instagram layout


Client: OFF Festival
Agency: Feeders Agency

Photo: Karol Grygoruk, Michał Murawski, Maksym Rudnik, Jadwiga Janowska, Jakub Dąbrowski, Paweł Starzec
Video: Filip Skrońc

ID Design: Full Metal Jacket

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