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Pizza Hut has been part of pop culture for 60 years. However, it has ceased to be cool, and its current image is not attractive to the modern consumer. We were asked to reach out to young people and make Pizza Hut image cool again. To do that we decided to team up with 2 newschool rappers Sitek & Otsochodzi. Together we have established Pizza Hut Records - a platform to connect with young people through music. Its aim is to portray the values of the Y & Z generation and associate them with the Pizza Hut menu. The first single we released was a track that shows what "Live Super Supreme" means, that is life on the thick, enjoying it and all its additions.

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Client: Pizza Hut
Strategy & Campaign Idea: Feeders Agency
Production: Love It Warsaw
Post-production: Xantus Studio

Director: Filip Bartczak

DOP: Maciek Ryter

Photoshoot: Daniel Jaroszek

Set Design: Paulina Skrok

Costumes: Kas Kryst

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