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900 kilometers, 5 days, 95 hours of non-stop run, hundreds of runners along the way and one goal: to help people suffering from depression. #PodajZmianę (#PassTheChange) was the longest charity relay-race in Poland, starting from one of the highest peaks in Tatras, Kasprowy Wierch to the far north of our country - Hel. Everyone could join in on where we also collected founds for better depression treatment in Poland. The whole event was widely broadcasted in local and national media with famous runners and sport-celebrities running with us. #PodajZmianę was brought to life and sponsored by BNP Paribas Bank Poland as part of their long term brand positioning "You are the change and we are the bank of the changing world". 

Key Visual

Relay-race route

Case Study Video

Why did it matter?

It is estimated that in Poland the problem of depression affects 4 to 10 percent of the whole population. In the coming years it will become one of the most common health problem of modern society. At the same time, 96 percent of prevention and treatment activities are carried out outside of government health programs by independent entities. One of such organizations is Stowarzyszenie "Aktywnie Przeciwko Depresji" ("Actively Agains Depression" Association), which aims to combat stigmatization and exclusion of mentally ill people. The whole income from #PodajZmianę run was entirely donated to the needs of this institution, which will spend it on educating the society in the field of psychopathology and how to cope with the disease. After the run Association was granted 50 000zł for further actions.

Social Media Broadcast

For 5 straight days our team was travelling with runners and broadcasting every major event along the way on BNP Paribas, influencers and sponsors feeds (Lexus, Garmin, Oshee etc.). The relay-race was led by Jerzy Górski, famous trhiatlonist that won his own fight with depression and drug addiction (his life story was told in a feature film "Najlepszy / Best" directed by Łukasz Palkowski). We have shot hundreds of pictures and hours of videos showing dedication, passion and heart of every runner that participated in #PodajZmianę. Below you can see a few assets promoting the run as well as the ones created in real time during the event.

Geotargeted carousel-ads promoting the race

Some of the photo assets we created before the race
and during the run: in real time.

Videos promoting #PodajZmianę

Video summaries of each running day - created on site


Runners praised the event on their feeds


28 MLN
media reach

820 000 PLN estimated advertising



Client: BNP Paribas Bank Poland

Creative Idea / Communication Plan: Feeders Agency

Event Organization & Coordination: El Padre

Public Relations: Snow PR

Essential Support: Stowarzyszenie "Aktywnie Przeciwko Depresji"

#PodajZmianę Partners: Lexus, Garmin, OSHEE, Kross, Body Chef, Ale Energy Store

Run's Ambassador: Jerzy Górski

Video: Adrian Dmoch

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